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K09 - "Valensiya" Ridge

· Ergonomic structure and classic style.

· Suitable for every type of roof and slope.

· Ability to be moved internally when laying, due to the spacing structured in the interlocking edges.

· First and only roof tile in the Turkish market sold with 4 different accessories.

· Natural clay red color.

· Our products have been fired with fuel-oil at 950°C.

· Water absorbtion under standard level accepted by the Turkish Standards Institute.

1-K08, Valensiya Standard Roof Tile

2-K11, Valensiya Finishing

3-K12, Valensiya Under Ridge

4-K10, Valensiya Finishing Under Ridge

5-K09, Valensiya Ridge

Wood Roof Base

A - Valensiya
B - Water Insulation Material
C - Wood roof base
D - Vertical wood strips (5 x 10 cm) for roof frame
E - Horizontal wood strips (10 x 10 cm) for roof frame
F - Raising piece (First strip is recommended to be 4-5 x 2.5 cm according to the slope)
G - Ventilation gap
H - Horizontal wood strips (2.5 x 2.5 cm.)

Concrete Roof Base

A - Valensiya
B - Ventilation Gap
C - Water insulation material
D - Heat insulation material
E - Concrete roof base
F - Raising Piece
G - Horizontal wood strips

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